Why Choose LALAHOME Litter Box?

Auto Litter Refill

Innovative self-refilling litter feature, designed to provide your cat with a consistently clean and comfortable environment. This automated system ensures that your cat's litter bed is always fresh, preventing any wet, dirty, or insufficiently filled litter issues.

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Better Scoop, Hands Free

Imitating human scooping, allowing the full litter bed to be cleaned. Self-cleaning after litter well clumped. Cats are always in good hands.

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Smarter Box, for Healthier Cats

Unlock key insights with the app: monitor your cat's weight, toilet schedule, litter level, and receive waste bag alerts seamlessly.

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Auto Litter Refill

Self-refilling, 2-week stand by, and forever fresh cat litter.


Deodorization system and automatic filing baffle effectively combat odors

Rake Design

Easy cleaning, safer cats, ensures a clean toilet chamber

8L Waste Cabinet

Ensures a 14-DAYS hassle-free experience

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Gifts for cat

Never Scooping


Auto scoop and refill


Discover the LALAHOME Difference

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