Frequently Asked


How to change scooping delay in “clumping" status?

Please upgrade your machine through LALAHOME Smartech APP from the latest version firmware. Customized clumping delay support from 1 minute to 15minutes. During clumping delay, unlock the child lock, tap left button to decrease at 1 minute interval and tap right button to increase at 1minute interval to get the duration you wanted. This setting will remain till you changed it before the next time.
The shortest delay you can choose is 1 minute and the longest is 15 minutes.

Can a kitten use this product?

This product is suitable for cats over 6 months old and weighing more than 2.2lbs. lfthe cat's weight or age does not meet the requirements, do not use this device.

What should I do if my cat is reluctant to use the new device?

If the cat is alert, you can place the device next to the old litter box for a while and pour some old litter with the cat's own smell into the new device. Familiar smells will also help the cat adapt to the new device faster.

ls it dangerous if the cat enters the litter box during the scooping process?

If the cat enters during the scooping process, the monitoring sensor will be triggered immediatelyand the device will stop running. The device will continue to operate 60 seconds after the catleaves the litter box, so there is no need to worry about danger.

What types of cat litter can I use?

This product supports most clumping cat litter on the market (mineral, tofu, mixed litter. Tofu litterwill need to change special scoop available from and should not be usedwith non-clumping or poorly clumping litter (crystal, wood-based litter, etc).

How much litter should I refill?

It is recommended to use about 7.9 lbs of mineral litter (equal to 3 cells of litter) for the first use, or 4.4 lbs for tofu litter (equal to 2 cells of tofu litter). Do not exceed the MAX litter line of the litter box. Excessive litter will cause unnecessary waste and unexpected stall.

When should I replenish the litter?

The device will automatically analyze the remaining amount of litter in the litter box and refill litter proactively. Please maintain the litter in the top storage at the MAX level! The APP will remind you if litter supply is low.

How often should I clean the trash bin?

lt can be determined based on the specific usage situation (such as the number of cats). lt is recommended to change bags every 7 days for one cat (increase the frequency of bag changes in hot weather).

How often should I clean the cat toilet?

lt can be determined based on the specific usage situation (such as the number of cats or their defecation situation). lt is recommended to clean it once per month if conditions permit.

Why won't the machine automatically scooping after l replace the trash bag?

lf the machine does not automatically scoop after changing the trash bag, please check the screen for an 'error' message and ensure that the trash bin is correctly installed. lnstallation is done when there is no gap between the upper right corner of the trash bin and the machine.
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