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LALAHOME 3-In-1 Premium Bentonite Cat Litter

LALAHOME 3-In-1 Premium Bentonite Cat Litter

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Discover superior litter box performance with LALAHOME’s 3-In-1 Premium Bentonite Cat Litter, engineered for a fresher home and happier cats.

Ultimate Odor Control Our advanced formula with porous zeolite and activated carbon neutralizes bacterial and ammonia odors, ensuring a consistently fresh environment.

Top Features:

10-Day Odor Protection: Guaranteed to keep your multi-cat litter box fresh for up to 10 days, providing a consistently pleasant home.

Effortless Cleanup, Dust-Free: Our tight-clumping, dust-free formula simplifies scooping and keeps your floors spotless.

Quick Clumping & Easy Scooping: Forms tight, nonstick clumps for easy removal, locking in odors and making cleanup a breeze.

No Additives or Perfumes: Pure, natural ingredients with no added chemicals or fragrances, safe for your cats and home.

Choose LALAHOME 3-In-1 Premium Bentonite Cat Litter for a cleaner home and a happier cat. Experience the difference today!

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Dimension: 17.7*14.2 Inch
15 lbs
Main Material:
Sodium bentonite clay-clumping litter

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