Terms of Service

Important Notice

Smart Home Products [LalaHome] (hereinafter referred to as "LalaHome") Users are hereby specially reminded to carefully read and fully understand this Software License and Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "This Agreement").

Users should carefully read and fully understand the provisions of this Agreement, especially those relating to the exemption or limitation of LalaHome's liability, dispute resolution and the application of law. The terms of exemption or limitation of liability will be marked in bold, which you should focus on. Please read carefully and choose to accept or not accept this Agreement (minors should be accompanied by a legal guardian to read). Your downloading, installation, use of the Software, account acquisition and login will be deemed as acceptance of this Agreement and you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

LalaHome reserves the right to amend this Agreement, and the updated terms will be posted on the website or software, effective from the date of publication. Users may re-download and install the software or check the latest version of the Agreement on the website. After the terms of this Agreement are modified by LalaHome, if User does not accept the modified terms, please immediately stop using the LalaHome Software and Services provided by LalaHome, and User's continued use of the LalaHome Software and Services provided by LalaHome will be deemed to have accepted the modified Agreement.

1. General principles

In this privacy policy, some proper terms are defined as follows:

1.1. This Agreement is an agreement between you (hereinafter also referred to as the"User") and LalaHome and its operating partner (hereinafter referred to as the "Partner") regarding User's downloading, installation and use of LalaHome Software (hereinafter referred to as the "Software") and use of LalaHome related services.

1.2. This software and service is the software and service provided by LalaHome and installed on intelligent mobile terminal devices, including but not limited to, to provide users of the intelligent terminal with binding, operation of intelligent products and other services.

1.3. The ownership and operation of the Software and Service shall be owned by LalaHome.

2. Scope of software license

2.1. LalaHome grants User a personal, non-transferable, non-sublicensible and non-exclusive license for the Software.

2.2. Users can install, use, display and run the software on a single mobile terminal device for non-commercial purposes. However, the user shall not install, use or run the software for commercial operation purposes, copy, change, modify, connect or run the software or the data released into the memory of any terminal device during the running of the software, or the interactive data between the client and the server during the running of the software, or create any derivative works. Forms of access to the Software and related systems include but are not limited to the use of plug-ins or unauthorized third-party tools/services. Any commercial sale, reproduction and distribution, such as software pre-installation and bundling, must be licensed in writing by LalaHome.

2.3. User shall not install the Software on other terminal devices without LalaHome's express permission, including but not limited to set-top boxes, game consoles, television sets, DVD players, etc.

2.4. The User may make a copy of the Software for the purpose of using the Software and Services only as a backup. The backup copy must contain all copyright information contained in the original software. 2.5. No other rights are granted to User by LalaHome except those expressly authorized bythis Agreement, and User shall obtain LalaHome's written consent to use any other rights.

3. Software acquisition, installation, upgrade How might this personal information be used?

3.1. Users shall download and install the software in accordance with the designated website or method of LalaHome. Beware of downloading this software from non-designated websites to prevent mobile terminal devices from being infected with malicious programs that can destroy user data and obtain user privacy information. LalaHome cannot guarantee the normal use of the software and shall not be responsible for any loss caused to you if users obtain the Software or the installation program with the same name from a third party not authorized by LalaHome.

3.2. The User must select the version of the software that matches the installed terminal device; otherwise, any software problem, equipment problem or damage caused by the mismatch between the software and the device model shall be borne by the user.

3.3. In order to improve user experience and service contents, LalaHome shall have the right to provide you with replacement, modification or upgrade versions of the software from time to time, and shall also have the right to charge fees for such replacement, modification or upgrade, provided that the fees shall be charged with your consent in advance. The "Upgrade Prompt" function is enabled by default for users of this software. Depending on the software versions used by users, LalaHome allows users to choose whether to enable this function. After a new version of the software is released, LalaHome does not guarantee the continued availability of the old version of the software.

4. Terms of use

4.1. Users may use the Software and Services in accordance with the Agreement on the premise of abiding by laws and the Agreement, and shall not: • Delete all information about copyright in the Software and other copies, or modify, delete or avoid the technical measures set up by the Software to protect intellectual property rights; • Reverse engineering the software, such as disassembly, decompiling or other means to obtain the source code of the software;

• By modifying or forging the instructions and data in the operation of the software, adding, deleting or changing the function or operation effect of the software, or using the software or methods used for the above purposes to operate or disseminate to the public, no matter whether these actions are for commercial purposes or not;

• Use the software for any behavior that endangers network security, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized servers/accounts; Accessing public networks or others' operating systems without permission and deleting, modifying or adding stored information; Unauthorized attempts to probe, scan, test the weaknesses of the system or network of the software or other conduct to destroy network security; Attempts to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of the software system or website, intentionally spread malicious programs or viruses, and other acts that disrupt normal network information services; Forging TCP/IP packet names or partial names;

• Users log in to or use the Software and Services through third-party compatible software or systems not developed, authorized or approved by LalaHome, or create, publish or disseminate the above tools;

• Without the written consent of LalaHome, the user arbitrarily performs the following acts on the software and the information in it, including but not limited to: using, renting, lending, copying, modifying, linking, reprinting, compiling, publishing, publishing, establishing mirror sites, using the software to develop derivative products, works, services, plug-ins, plug-ins, compatibility, interconnection, etc.;

• Use the software to publish, transmit, disseminate and store content that violates local laws and regulations;

• Use the software to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store contents that infringe others' intellectual property rights, trade secrets and other legal rights; • Use this software to publish, transmit and disseminate advertising information and junk information in bulk;

• Other use of the Software and other services provided by LalaHome in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with the use permitted herein. 4.2 Information Release Specifications

• You can use the software to publish ideas, data, text, information, user name, pictures, photos, personal information, audio and video files, links and other information that are original or entitled to be published by you. You must guarantee that you own the intellectual property rights of the information content uploaded by you or have obtained the legal authorization, and that any use of the Software and Services by you does not infringe the legal rights and interests of any third party.

• You must comply with local laws and regulations when using the software.

• When using the Software, you shall not use the Software to engage in the following activities, including but not limited to: 1) making, copying, publishing, spreading and storing contents in violation of local laws and regulations; 2) Publishing, transmitting, spreading and storing contents that infringe others' right of reputation, right of portrait, intellectual property, trade secret and other legal rights; 3) Fabricate facts and conceal the truth to mislead and deceive others; 4) Publish, transmit and disseminate advertising information and junk information; 5) Engaging in other acts in violation of local laws and regulations.

• Without the permission of LalaHome, you are not allowed to carry out any commercial activities such as advertising and selling goods in the software. 4.3. You understand and agree that:

• LalaHome will determine whether the User is suspected of violating the above usage specifications and, based on the result of the determination, suspend or terminate your use license or take other restrictive measures that may be taken in accordance with this Agreement;

• LalaHome will directly delete any information posted by the User while usingtheLicensed software that is suspected of violating the law or infringing the legal rights of others or violating this Agreement;

• You shall bear legal liability independently in your own name for any damage to the thirdparty caused by the user's behavior in violation of the above rules of use, and shall ensurethat LalaHome will not incur any loss or increase in costs as a result;

• If User violates relevant laws and regulations or agreements and causes LalaHome to suffer losses, or is subject to third party claims, or is punished by administrative authorities, User shall indemnify LalaHome for the losses and/or expenses incurred thereby, including reasonable attorney's fees and investigation and evidence collection expenses.

5. Service Risks and disclaimers

5.1. Users must equip themselves with the equipment required by mobile terminal equipment to access the Internet and use Telecom value-added services, and bear the communication fee, information fee and other related fees charged by personal mobile terminal equipment to access the Internet or by a third party (including but not limited to telecom or mobile communication providers). If Telecom value-added services are involved, we recommend that you check with your telecom value-added service provider about the relevant fees.

5.2 LalaHome and the cooperative unit shall not be liable for all losses suffered by the User due to the third party such as communication line failure, technical problems, network, mobile terminal equipment failure, system instability and other force majeure causes.

5.3. The software, like most Internet software, is subject to differences in factors including but not limited to user reasons, network service quality, social environment and other factors, and may be subjected to various security problems, such as harassment in real life caused by others using users' information; Other software downloaded and installed by users or other websites visited contain viruses such as "Trojan Horse", which threaten the security of users' terminal equipment information and data, thus affecting the normal use of the software and so on. Users should strengthen their awareness of information security and user data protection, and pay attention to strengthen password protection to avoid loss and harassment.

5.4. When users use the Software or require LalaHome to provide specific services, the software may call a third-party system or third-party software to support users' use or access, and the results of use or access will be provided by such third party. LalaHome makes no warranty as to the safety, accuracy, validity or other uncertain risks of the results achieved through third-party systems or third-party software support, and shall not be liable for any disputes or damages arising therefrom.

5.5. In particular, LalaHome would like to remind users that, in order to guarantee its autonomy in business development and adjustment, LalaHome has the right to modify or interrupt the service at any time without notifying users, and LalaHome shall exercise the right to modify or interrupt the service without liability to users or any third party.

5.6. Except as expressly provided by laws and regulations, we will do our best to ensure that the software and the technology and information involved are safe, effective, accurate and reliable. However, limited by the technology available, users understand that LalaHome cannot guarantee this.

5.7. Users shall indemnify themselves for personal injury or incidental and indirect economic damage caused by or in connection with any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of data, loss of business interruption or other business damage or loss:

• Use unlicensed software; • Unauthorized use of software or alteration of user data by third parties;

• Expenses and losses incurred by users' behavior using the software;

• Users' misunderstanding of the software;

• Other losses related to the software that are not caused by LalaHome.

5.8. The Party at fault shall be liable for any personal or economic injury or loss caused or may be caused by misleading or deceiving you as a result of the behavior between the User and other users using the Software.

6. Intellectual property declaration

6.1. LalaHome is the intellectual property right holder of the software. All copyright, trademark right, patent right, trade secret and other intellectual property rights of this software, as well as all information content related to this software (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video, charts, interface design, layout frame, relevant data or electronic documents) are protected by local laws and regulations and corresponding international treaties. LalaHome enjoys the above intellectual property rights.

6.2. Without the written consent of LalaHome, Users shall not implement, utilize or transfer the above intellectual property rights by themselves or permit any third party for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, and LalaHome reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities for such acts.

7. Protocol variation

7.1. LalaHome reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement as necessary. In case of any change in the terms of this Agreement, the amended terms of this Agreement will be published on the relevant page. If you do not agree with the changed content, the user should take the initiative to cancel the service. If the User continues to use the Services, it shall be deemed to accept the change in the terms of the Agreement.

7.2. LalaHome and Partner Companies have the right to modify or change the charged services, charging standards, charging methods, service fees and terms of service provided as necessary. When providing services, LalaHome may charge certain fees to users of some services now or in the future. If users refuse to pay such fees, they cannot continue to use the relevant services after the fees start. LalaHome and Partner companies will use their best efforts to notify users of changes or changes by email or otherwise.

8. Applicable law and dispute resolution

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. When users use a specific service of the Software, the service may have separate agreements, relevant business rules, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Separate Agreements"). Please read and agree to the relevant separate agreements before using the Service.

9.2. This Agreement shall take effect on September 01, 2023.

9.3. The headings of all the terms of this Agreement are for convenience only and have no actual meaning and shall not be used as the basis for interpretation of the meaning of this Agreement.

9.4. Regardless of whether the provisions of this Agreement are partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and binding upon both parties.