LALAHOME Self-Refilling RealScooper

Why should you choose a Rake design/Self-refilling Litter box other than a Side-roll drum litter box?

The Self-refilling litter feature automatically refreshes the litter bed, preventing a wet, dirty, or insufficiently filled litter bed from being used by your cat.

Rake design clears waste, imitating human scooping, allowing the full litter bed to be cleaned. Self-cleaning after litter well clumped. Cats are always in good hands.

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Never Scooping

Auto scoop and refill



Hexagonal-shaped litter traps

Stop Litter in its Tracks

The entrance of the RealScooper is designed to trap litter at the door, preventing most of it from spreading onto your floor. It effectively shakes off litter from your kitty's paws as they step out of the litter box. Also works great as a base to insert your optional Sisal Cat Scratch Board.

  • Auto Self-Refill cat litter

    Self-refilling ensures a consistently fresh bed of litter for your cat, providing a comfortable environment

  • Human-simulated scooper

    Ensures a clean toilet chamber, preventing waste from adhering extensively to the chamber

  • Auto-Deodorizing

    Trash bin equipped with an automatic deodorizer that emits O₃ to get rid of odors

  • Auto-Sterilizing

    Eliminate harmful bacteria, promoting a healthier environment for your furry friends

LALAHOME RealScooper

Auto Self-Refill Litter Box

RealScooper & Cats

Throughout the years of our lives, the love we devote to our furry friends remains unchanged. We scoopers have experienced Generation I Manual litter boxes and Generation II Semi-Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. Now RealScooper is here to bring us a Generation III, Fully-Automatic Self-Cleaning & Self-Refilling Litter House. Join us as we enjoy new smart technologies and innovations that bring the best of IoT tech to our furry friends.

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Most advanced smart cat litter box combined with:

  • self-refilling litter to refresh litter bed
  • self-cleaning after litter well clumped
  • automatically deodorize waste bin
  • automatically sterilize litter bed
  • automatically protect cats' safety
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