Revolutionizing Pet Care: The World's First Automatic Litter Refilling Smart Litter Box - LALAHOME RealScooper

Revolutionizing Pet Care: The World's First Automatic Litter Refilling Smart Litter Box - LALAHOME RealScooper

LALAHOME RealScooper: Innovating the Pet World with the World's First Automatic Cat Litter Box

LALAHOME RealScooper, the world's first smart cat litter box capable of self-refilling and odor control.

LALAHOME RealScooper ushers in a new era of intelligent cat litter boxes, completely transforming the lives of cats and their owners with its exceptional features and innovative design.

Firstly, the groundbreaking auto-refill function eliminates the need for manual intervention for up to 7 days. Unlike current smart litter boxes that fail to automatically replenish litter, leading to deteriorating litter conditions that cats refuse to use. The automatic refill system monitors the litter level in the toilet. When it falls below the minimum threshold, the top additional litter compartment activates automatically, providing fresh litter to ensure cats always enjoy a dry and clean environment. No more dealing with the messy and tedious task of cleaning up after using the box for a period of time – pet owners will have more quality time to spend with their beloved furry friends.

Moreover, the LALAHOME RealScooper incorporates a revolutionary scooping design. Unlike traditional roll-type scoopers, the human-simulated scooping design not only precisely cleans up waste but also prevents waste from piling up on the inner walls of the litter box, avoiding contamination within the compartment. Combined with the perfect match of the ZIGZAG litter box design - "Scooping waste-only, no litter scooping," this not only extends the lifespan of the litter but also reduces the frequency of litter refills, ultimately saving money. This innovative solution also features UV sterilization technology, ensuring a hygienic and odor-free environment for both cats and homes. 

What's even more astonishing is the robust protective mechanisms, ensuring cats' safety and worry-free usage. Its protection system includes weight sensing, dual infrared sensors, and intelligent multi-cat detection, offering superior safety measures compared to other litter boxs on the market. Additionally, the barrier design not only prevents odors from escaping the waste compartment but also safeguards cats' paws from getting caught. Furthermore, Intelligently detect its surroundings and its own functions, it can promptly go into standby mode in case of any unexpected situations. The damping design of the top litter compartment lid ensures gentle closing, protecting both cats and humans from getting hurt.

Beyond its outstanding features, LALAHOME RealScooper prioritizes the health of cats. It can monitor weight, track toilet frequency, and early detect potential health issues like obesity and digestive system problems. Weight sensors particularly unique, allowing pet owners to cumulatively record weight information for multiple cats, enabling a comprehensive grasp of their health status.

In terms of connectivity, LALAHOME RealScooper boasts compatibility with both 5G and 2.4G dual WiFi. It provides continuous and stable WiFi connection without the need to switch networks, and its app connects in just 20 seconds. Additionally, users will receive timely reminders on the app and timely push from phone when the trash bin is almost full or the top litter compartment needs a litter replenishment.

LALAHOME RealScooper not only excels in functionality but also prioritizes user-friendly and comfortable design, offering a thoughtful user experience. The Toilet, trash bin and scooper can be easily disassembled and rinsed with water for effortless maintenance and cleanliness. With its 80L large capacity, the litter box accommodates cats of all sizes, providing spacious and comfortable space. The push-to-seal trash bin of 8L large capacity, combined with the convenient waste bag sealing design, makes waste disposal a breeze. The intelligent anti-mistake design ensures correct installation of the trash bin, avoiding internal contamination. The emergency safety switch automatically shuts down operation in case of accidents, ensuring pet lovers and cats' safety.

The debut of LALAHOME RealScooper introduces a brand-new experience for pet owners, creating a cleaner and more comfortable living environment for cats. It is currently being launched worldwide through crowdfunding, and already becoming a highly anticipated focus in the pet industry. Join the revolution now and make the Real Scooper the best companion for all cat owners and their beloved cats.

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